iTry activites have all been rated to help you see how much physical effort is required and how close to nature you'll get.
- Little physical effort required.
- Some physical effort is required.
- Physical effort is an inherent part of the activity, you do not have to be an Olympian but should be cabable of a reasonable amount of exercise without requiring a trip to rehab!
- Outside, usually in one location
- The Great Outdoors, with a bit of exploration thrown in... because it's there?
- Getting up close and personal with nature is an integral part of this activity (all within the guidelines of the Wildlife SafE scheme of course!)


Have you wished that you could go rock climbing, canoeing or coasteering in Snowdonia?


Can a thrilling wildlife rib-ride, or high ropes adventure tempt you out of your deckchair?


If so, then iTry is for you!


We have brought together a selection of some of the best adventure companies in North Wales. A single phone call guarantees you access to some of the most exciting adventures around.


iTry is for all the family - children to seniors, dabblers to thrill seekers - the activities have been specially chosen to offer a wide range of experiences, appealing to all tastes and abilities.


The chosen Activity Providers operate to the highest safety standards with nationally recognised licenses and qualifications.


All instructors and guides are highly experienced and qualified. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for the activity and the area is infectious. You will be assured of a great day out.



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